Fine Wholesale Seafood

The Freshest Hand Selected Seafood
for WV Restaurants & Markets

There is simply no match for fresh seafood from WVA Seafood & Produce in Elkins. Whether you are a chef or a market buyer, you can feel confident purchasing direct from WVA Seafood & Produce. We are the dedicated supplier for the finest restaurants and markets in Randolph, Barbour, Upshur, and Tucker Counties including surrounding regions in West Virginia.

Trust our team to deliver exceptional quality shrimp, snow crabs, and more. We sell to local restaurants and grocers so you can offer fresh, premium seafood at your establishment weekly. Our seafood is harvested sustainably, hand selected for condition, and transported with the highest standards of quality control.

Order Wholesale Shrimp, Oysters,
Snow Crabs, Crawdads, Blue Crabs, and More

WVA Seafood & Produce offers what your customers want most: fresh, healthy, delicious seafood straight from U.S. waterways. Our seafood will keep them coming back for more. Our year-round selection includes a wide range of local, sustainably harvested seafood.

  • Louisiana Crawdads
  • Alaskan Snow Crabs
  • Oysters
  • Maryland Blue Crabs
  • East Coast Shrimp
  • Shrimp
  • Florida Gulf Shrimp
  • -and Much More!

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Seasonal and specialty items are offered based on availability. Contact WVA Seafood & Produce to place your order or inquire about specific seafood availability. We accept special requests. For your convenience, we update our seafood availability weekly.

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