About WVA Seafood & Produce Co.

The Freshest Food. Sustainably Harvested.

At WVA Seafood & Produce, celebration of good food is a way of life. We understand the importance of responsible, sustainable use of our natural resources. We work hard to bring delicious, mouth-watering seafood to residents and businesses in Elkins, and throughout Randolph County, West Virginia. As the region’s sole direct seafood distributor, we take pride in hand selecting only the freshest and highest quality seafood for our customers.

Sea-to-table Goodness and Ethical Fishing

Ethically and Sustainably Caught Seafood at WVA in Elkins, WV

All of our seafood is sourced from within the United States and surrounding waterways, including the York and James Rivers, Chesapeake Bay, Chincoteague and Assateaque Islands, and Anchorage, Alaska. Our dedicated team travels directly to coastal waters each week and takes great care to bring the catch back fresh for your enjoyment. Our snow crabs are overnighted directly from Alaskan waters.

We are a small independent company committed to sea-to-table goodness and ethical fishing practices. At WVA Seafood & Produce, we do not condone or profit from questionable practices associated with large commercial fishing.

East Coast Proud – Fine Seafood for Restaurants and Caterers

WVA Seafood & Produce supports businesses based in the United States, the buy local/support local movement, and companies that support responsibility and environmental stability along the East Coast. We are proud to sell our fine seafood on a wholesale basis to exceptional restaurants throughout our region, as well as to caterers and individuals.

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