The Finest Seafood for Special Events

Planning a Party, Wedding, or Reunion? Order Now!

Some events call for more than a sandwich platter. Fresh seafood is the entrée of choice for special events from backyard barbecues to upscale events. If you are planning a wedding reception, large party, banquet, celebration, reunion, or other special event, contact WVA Seafood & Produce to order the finest and freshest seafood. We make it easy.

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  • East Coast Shrimp
  • Florida Gulf Shrimp
  • Alaskan Snow Crabs
  • Oysters
  • Shrimp
  • Louisiana Crawdads
  • Maryland Blue Crabs
  • -and Much More!

Delicious Coastal Seafood for Catering

Are you looking for the most delicious seafood for your catering service? WVA Seafood & Produce delivers a variety of high-quality, mouth-watering, fresh seafood each week. We travel directly to pristine estuaries and coastal areas to hand select the finest offerings for your guests’ special meals. Whether you operate a catering service, would like to order seafood for your caterer, or are planning to prepare the meal yourself, we will work directly with you to customize your menu to include the freshest ethically-sourced seafood guaranteed to impress.

Call: (304) 704-2691.