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Succulent Seafood Selections for Your Table

Entertaining? Make your party the envy of the town with our succulent selection of seafood fresh from the Chesapeake Bay and other select pristine locations along the East Coast, the Louisiana Bayous, and wild Alaskan waters. Bring delicious meaty crabs, Louisiana crawdads (“mini-lobsters”), and more to your table. Your family and friends will appreciate these special treats! In addition to our regular selections, we also offer seasonal favorites as available. Check this week’s seafood menu for current availability.

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Order Snow Crabs, Crawdads, Shrimp, Blue Crabs, Oysters, and More

  • Shrimp
  • Alaskan Snow Crabs
  • Oysters
  • Louisiana Crawdads
  • East Coast Shrimp
  • Florida Gulf Shrimp
  • Maryland Blue Crabs
  • -and Much More!

East Coast Proud – Fine Seafood for Restaurants and Caterers

WVA Seafood & Produce serves individuals, meets catering requests, and offers the freshest and most delicious wholesale seafood for restaurants.

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